Petroleum Refineries

SnG recognizes the vast potential of energy-conserving technologies and interventions in India. India is highly deficient in crude resources, and imports 70% of its crude oil. This high import figure has a direct impact on the Indian economy. In addition, while this crude oil is refined into many useful products such as diesel, petrol, kerosene and LPG, the unprocessed crude oil is not considered very useful in industrial applications. With the right technology however, different hydrocarbon molecules in crude oil can be further separated into components used in producing various modern day products such as plastics, detergents, nylon and polyesters.

Though deficient in natural resources, India does have a large refining capacity, and any improvement or advancement in refining can eventually lead to more effective usage of our expensive imported resources. It can also encourage the introduction of new high-performance by-products, ensuring that we make the most of what has been procured. SnG is committed to bringing the best chemical companies and latest refining technologies to India. This vision presents a win-win opportunity for all stakeholders: the companies stand to benefit from expansion and profitability, while providing much-needed relief to the Indian economy. Please contact us for collaboration opportunities in this sector.