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SnG is founded on the philosophy that energy security must be defined first and foremost by energy efficiency, and that in order for a country to make great strides in development, energy security must also be accompanied by health security and women’s security. SnG operates in the Health and Energy sectors, bringing to India the best and most suitable innovations from around the world.

India’s massive population size leads to an inevitable strain on its natural and financial resources, thus making it all the more vital to adopt cost-effective and impactful technologies to best utilize these limited resources. SnG provides an efficient distribution channel for such technologies to government institutions and industry. In addition, SnG welcomes the opportunity to work with like-minded entities and find solutions to macro problems in the Energy and Health sectors.

Why partner with us?

SnG has vast experience in establishing and growing multinationals in India and abroad. The company is professionally managed and follows extremely ethical business practices.

Among our unique strengths are: identifying business needs, developing concepts, and working with an in-depth understanding of the full value chain of the products we represent. We specialise in institutional sales and help you make the right pitch for your products to decision makers in the Indian market.

By partnering with us, you partner with invaluable local know-how, reliability, transparency and mutual growth.

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India faces many challenges in providing health services for its people. 68% of the Indian population lives in rural areas, and while state governments understand the urgent need to improve the quality of public health, the on-ground reality often paints a dismal picture. Moreover, disease control strategy has three main pillars – prevention, surveillance, and treatment. Of these, prevention methods are found to cost the least in terms of time and money and are also the most advantageous in terms of health..

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Almost 77 million households in India do not have access to electricity. Resource deficiencies in the power sector lead to expensive petroleum imports and corrupt practices such as inaccurate billing, low collection, rampant theft and poor consumer indexing exacerbate the problem. In order to become self-sufficient in energy, India must first and foremost stop energy wastage and judiciously utilize current resources. SnG recognizes the importance of managing power resources through a uniformed and reliable power supply..

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